Zip Line Accident Investigation

As more zipline courses are being opened all over the world the need for accident investigation has increased. Universal Zipline Technology is leading the way in offering our expertise to keep the zipline industry safe. When an accident occurs a third party investigator is a MUST. Many companies choose to use the builder/owner for the accident investigation or even bring in an investigator from the insurance company. These investigators are too involved/connected to the accident.

A third party investigator is the only way to receive an honest, unbiased investigation of what occured to cause the accident.

Universal Zipline Technology has been retained as an expert witness for zipline accidents that have occured in the past few years.

Whether you need an investigator for a court case or you are a conscientious zipline owner who want to know what failed on your course in order to prevent it from ever happening again,  please contact us for more information on these services.

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